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8 Channels telephone USB recorder

8 Channels telephone USB recorder
  • Product: 8 Channels telephone USB recorder
  • From: Neovista Group Ltd.
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Record eight phone lines.

● With USB interface, provides easy installation, supports hot-swap, PNP(plug and play)and automatic recognition

● Supports three start-up mode respectively for voltage-controlled ,sound-controlled and key-controlled

● Supports caller id display, automatically identifies two mode respectively for FSK and DTMF

● Provides caller id detection in a wide dynamic range, and accuracy of detection is industry-leading

● Offers a large selection of audio encoding, including A-law PCM, ADPCM, GSM and so on

● Configuring various functional modules in different ways results in both high-impedance recording.

● Software dialing , playing voice prompt during recording on demand

●Supports unique AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the remote end and near end during call

● Supports automatic recovery after hot-swap and usb port error

● Be capable of expanding automatic sound response and message features

● Parallel connection and high-impedance recording module, rules out interruption of data transmission on monitored channel at any time

● Accurately judges the channel status((pickup/Hangup , Ring times, open or short-circuit, activity/silence, busy tone on line)

● Drivers is based on event-driven, provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control

● Supports 5-times compressed voice for storage, as a result, audio data can be saved directly in WINDOWS-standard WAVE format.
Development Environment:

● Provides drivers in WIN2000/XP/7 (32&64 bits)/2008/8(32&64 bits)

● Provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control

● Supports VC++, VB, DELPHI, PB, C++Bullder,. NET,WEB

● Provides a Programming example as the source procedure and audio editing tool
Application areas:

● Telephone Service and working Quality Monitoring System

● Banking, insurance, securities and other audio monitoring in key sector

● Scheduling departments: aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and other conducting control center

● Government departments and enterprises telephone recording as evidence