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Telephone voice recording-Voice logger

Telephone voice recording, also called Voice Logger
Voice logger is an important tool for recording interactions between contact center agents, supervisors, and managers on one hand and prospects, leads or customers on the other. A voice logger is an integral part of any communication system and can store correspondence in multiple formats.

As business interactions and transactions have grown tremendously over the past few years, and continue to do so, it has become increasingly important to record and document interactions. Depending on the nature of your business, you will have a different use for maintaining call records. Some of the various reasons could be policy compliance, quality assurance, government regulations, contention resolution, process evaluation, data mining and personnel training. Voice records provide a world of information that could be the distinguishing point for your business. If your customer claims that he has called your support five times in the last month, you can verify the claim by searching through your voice records for content verification. You also need to be able to use multimedia features such as playback, rewind, pause, forward to search specific information. If there is a genuine issue at hand, you could perform a root-cause analysis and improve your processes to avoid a repetition. In addition, if the customer complains that your agent did not serve him/her well, you could review your training procedures for your agents to communicate more effectively. There are manifold issues like these that could impact your business. A good voice recording solution enables you to eliminate potential threats to the credibility of your brand and your values by identifying and rectifying such loopholes.

Our Voice Logger solution is ideal for any business that demands comprehensive functionality and customizability. Designed to work seamlessly with Predictive Dialer, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) solution, it is perfect for contact centers or enterprises that need an end-to-end solution, or just a standalone voice recording solution that integrated with their current setup. So, whether you wish to start with a simple set-up or extend your current capabilities, our solution will enable you to do so with the shortest TTI (ime-to-implementation), without upgrading or replacing your hardware and software, or incurring additional infrastructure and IT costs.

Based on latest technology, the voice logger solution addresses your requirements with the highest quality standards and future growth prospects. With features like 100% automatic recording, the voice logger can perform complete interaction recording on both the agent, as well as the trunk side. With voice compression and multiple-format recording you can store your data in any format and save on storage costs. The distinguishing feature of our voice logger is its ability to internally compress a record by eliminating silence, pauses or DTMF inputs and other sections of a record that take up unnecessary space. You never have to lose a record or run out of space. Our logger will inform you when you are running low on storage, so that you can take the right action.

Multimedia operations allow you to rewind, forward, and replay the conversations for swift information retrieval. With the user-friendly CRM, you can perform all file operations with the click of a button. You can also search through records by lead ID, agent, disposition, and other parameters for quick retrieval.

You can listen from interface with a single click. The interactions can be downloaded from the interface itself. Additionally, you can download recorded conversations remotely via a web browser.

You can integrate the voice logger with most third-party database or tool. With automatic archiving and backup support you can store your voice records efficiently on any database pre-integrated (integrated PostGreSQL) or third-party (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Access)

Strong security features curb unauthorized access of confidential information such as voice records. Only supervisors, managers or quality analysts have access to voice records by default. However, if you wish to give specific agents access to voice records, you can configure your security settings and change access levels for agents.

With all these features, our Voice Logger will help you achieve your quality goals without the overhead of maintenance and upgradation costs.

Benefits of Voice Logger

Whether you are in Sales & Telemarketing, Collections, or Customer Support in any vertical, our Voice Logger will help you store and track important correspondence for training as well quality assessment. If you wish to ensure service quality and highest customer satisfaction, our flexible and pre-integrated solution is best for you.

Record limitlessly – Automatically record all conversations and keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions between agents and customers for quality assurance with our no-bar recording.

Search effortlessly – Search through voice records without going through endless menus and buttons and save up on your valuable time. Assess quality of service with ease and swiftness with our Voice-Logger solution. You can associate records with specific voice logs (E-mail history, chat history, etc) to enhance efficiency in operations. For example, you can create customer profiles and associate all forms of records, voice, E-mail, chat history with the profiles.

Back-up data – Just mount a simple back-up drive and save all the records, or select records to be backed up regularly. Our Voice Logger will analyze the records for timely back-up and you will never have to worry about losing an important piece of information.

Don’t Fret over security – Only provide access to supervisors, managers, administrators or other qualified users. Any sensitive information in the wrong hands could wreck havoc on your company’s image. Our strong security features ensure that only authorized personnel and scan through the voice logs and records and you don’t pay through your nose for compromising on your security.

Store in multiple formats – If you wish to save space, convert the voice logs in MP3 format. You can also go with the conventional WAV format. Alternatively, choose other formats that suit your requirements.

Online reporting and viewing – The CRM allows you to access voice logs online and create comprehensive reports (over 200 customizable reports) using DACX-Manager. Whether you have a centralized or distributed agent workforce, you can manage your voice records efficiently from any corner of the world.

Single, unified interface – Our user-friendly CRM allows you to access all functions on a single interface. You do not need to go through countless menus or complex procedures to perform simple operations. Quick links (record, replay, forward, etc) allow you to perform routine functions with a single click.