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4 channels telephone recording card

4 channels telephone recording card
  • Product: 4 channels telephone recording card
  • From: Neovista Group Ltd.
  • Call us: 0086-13671290744
  • Email: kevin@neovistadigi.com
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Standard Features:

1. Record 4 Telephone Lines Voice,
2. Record Telephone Conversations for all the times
3. Playback through PC Speakers
4. Recording file Format is WAV that can be played on PC directly
5. Control by PC interface
6. Search by Date, Time File Size Comments.
7. User definable right for Administration purpose
8. Real time Monitoring phone conversation
9. Record all incoming and outgoing telephone number
10.Support Incoming phone number display if appropriate
11.Filtering some specify phone call for recording option
12.Automatically obtaining control of recording and playing to ensure the volume balance of two speakers
13. Statistics: Analyze time period, date, phone line for each incoming or outgoing phone conversation record
14.Multi-line call record: It can put 8 pcs of 16ch recording cards in one PC.
15.Manage client phone recording , monitoring and replay the phone call through local computer network
16. Popup the Caller ID, meanwhile you can input the customer info.

It can work with Windows2000, 2003,XP,VISTA and Win7.

Development Environment:

● Provides drivers in WIN98/2000/XP/7(32&64bits)/2008/8(32&64 bits) and LINUX operating system

● Provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control

● Supports VC + +, VB, DELPHI, PB, C + + Bullder,. NET

● Provides a Programming example as the source procedure
Application areas:

● Telephone Service and working Quality Monitoring System

● Banking, insurance, securities and other audio monitoring in key sector

● Scheduling departments: aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and other conducting control center

● Government departments and enterprises telephone recording as evidence